Dr. Stephen Sheppard

Professor in Forest Resource Management

Landscape and climate change planning, community engagement, visualization

Dr. Stephen Sheppard, PhD., ASLA, is a Professor in Forest Resources Management at the University of British Columbia, teaching in landscape and climate change planning, community engagement, and visualization. He has served as Director of UBC’s Bachelor of Urban Forestry program and directs the Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning (CALP), an interdisciplinary research group which works with communities on developing climate change and energy solutions. He has over 30 years of experience in environmental assessment, aesthetics, landscape planning, and public involvement. He has published four books, including Visualizing Climate Change from Earthscan/Routledge. His research interests include engaging citizens in low-carbon resilient communities, sea-level rise planning, energy effects of urban forests, and videogames as an educational tool on climate change. He leads UBC’s Research Cluster of Excellence on Cool Tools: Social Mobilization on Climate Change using Digital Tools.



Website(s):  Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning (CALP)  |

                       Cool Tools: Social Mobilization on Climate Change using Digital Tools

Selected Publications

Dulic, A., J. Angel, S. Sheppard. 2016. Designing futures: Inquiry in climate change communication. Futures

Sheppard, S.R.J. 2015. Making climate change visible: A critical role for landscape professionals. Landscape and Urban Planning Special Edition, 142: 95–105. doi:10.1016/j.landurbplan.2015.07.006

Sheppard, S., D. Flanders, D. Mathew Iype, A. LaValle, A. Dulic, J. Angel, O. Schroth, P. Jeri, E. Wardle, & N. Sinkewicz. 2015. Exciting high school students about climate change with a co-designed, educational videogame:  Future Delta 2 Poster presented at Our Common Future Under Climate Change, International Scientific Conference in Paris, France (July 6-9, 2015).

Schroth, O., J. Angel, S. Sheppard & A. Dulic. 2014. Visual climate change communication: From iconography to locally framed 3D visualizationEnvironmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture 8 (4): 413-432

Harshaw, H.W., S.R.J. Sheppard. 2013. Using the recreation opportunity spectrum to evaluate the temporal impacts of timber harvesting on outdoor recreation settings.  Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism 1-2 pp 40-50.

Cote, S., Sheppard, S., Pahl, S., and Burch, S. 2013 (In press). Thermal Imaging with Community-led Initiatives can Motivate Neighbourhood Retrofits in BC: Lessons from Innovative Research and Practice. White Paper prepared for the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions.