Sophie Nitoslawski

PhD Student

Smart cities, green infrastructure, urban technology

Sophie Nitoslawski is a PhD Candidate in Urban Forestry, whose work is funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), UBC’s Faculty of Forestry, and Green College. After her Master’s degree at Dalhousie University, Sophie worked in the municipal sector in both Québec and Ontario, bringing forth new questions about municipal sustainability, green infrastructure, and the future of Canadian cities. Sophie studies the increasingly important role that urban forests play in the age of urban densification and smart cities.

In her free time, Sophie enjoys hiking and is an avid skier.



Website(s): LinkedIn | ResearchGate | Twitter

Selected Publications

Nitoslawski, S.A., Galle, N.J., Konijnendijk, C., and Steenberg, J.W. 2019. Smarter ecosystems for smarter cities? Trends, technologies, and turning points for smart urban forests. Sustainable Cities and Society 51: 101770.

Galle, N.J., Nitoslawski, S.A., and Pilla, F. 2019. The Internet of Nature: How taking nature online can shape urban ecosystems. Anthropocene Review 6(3): 279-287.

Steenberg, J.W.N., Duinker, P.N., and Nitoslawski, S.A. 2018. Ecosystem-based management revisited: Updating the concepts for urban forests. Landscape & Urban Planning 186: 24-35.