Maria Jose Aguilar Carrasco

PhD Student

Accessibility, inclusive outdoor recreation, people with disabilities, national parks

Maria is a PhD candidate of Transportation and Territory Infrastructures in the Urbanism Department of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), Spain. She holds degrees in Environmental Sciences (ETSICCP) 2015 and Agricultural Engineering (ETSIAM) 2006, (UPV). Currently, she is a member of UFORIA lab of University British Columbia (UBC). Maria is the author of the Inclusive Botany blog at the Espores magazine (Botanical Garden at Valencia University), her personal blog: Naturalmente Rodando, and the Universal Accessibility book’s chapter (Nature 2000 an opportunity for everyone, 2018).

Since 2018, she has been the accessibility assessor of the Autonomous National Park body of Spain (Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs). Maria is a wheelchair user since 2013. Her main research interest is focused on connecting nature with all strata of society, especially people with disabilities; the main paradigm of her PhD is done from a nature conservation perspective.

Maria is a passionate naturalist whose principal hobby is birdwatching. She is a member of the Spanish society of ornithology (SEO Birdlife) since 2002. In this line, wildlife photography is another hobby of hers. She is a wheelchair traveler with a critical view of cities and natural spaces from her own perspective. She shares these experiences & opinions through her personal blog and social networks. Recently, she has re-discovered her passion for watercolor and loves to paint birds and landscapes, inspired by her time in Canada.


Email: naturalmenterodando@gmail.com

Website(s):  Naturalmente Rodando | Twitter | LinkedIn