Ingrid Jarvis

PhD Student

Urban natural spaces, public health, ecosystem services, social-ecological systems

Ingrid is a PhD candidate in the Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences. She holds a BA in Psychology and a BSc in Natural Resources Conservation with Honours from the University of British Columbia. Her research examines how environmental exposures, including green and blue spaces, influence human health and development. Ingrid primarily employs quantitative research methods, including epidemiology and GIS analyses.

In her spare time, Ingrid enjoys being in nature. Her favourite activities include walking, reading, yoga, and camping.



Selected Publications


Jarvis, I., Gergel, S., Koehoorn, M., & van den Bosch, M. (2020). Greenspace access does not correspond to nature exposure: Measures of urban natural space with implications for health research. Landscape and Urban Planning, 194, 103686.

Jarvis, I., Koehoorn, M., Gergel, S. E., & van den Bosch, M. (2020). Different types of urban natural environments influence various dimensions of self-reported health. Environmental Research, 186, 109614.