Dr. Angela Rout

Post Doctoral 

Urban design, human tracking data, data visualization, human centered design

Angela's research explores ways of using new data resources to inform high impact urban design decisions. Her PhD research explored methods for using smartphone location data to design campus green spaces. Her research is informed by a background in architecture and public engagement. Her work at UBC involves developing frameworks for combining human mobility data with ecological data from sensors to design resilient urban forests.

Outside of work I like to explore the Rocky Mountains, and play video games with my kids.


Email: angela.rout@ubc.ca

Website(s): Research Portfolio


Selected Publications

Rout, A., & Galpern, P. (2018). Using personal smartphone location histories in public engagement: Locating a new campus amenity. Applied Geography, 100, 68-77.

Rout, A. & Galpern, P. (2017) Evidence-based design of outdoor learning spaces in winter: Behavioral mapping in a ‘Forest School’. EAAE ARCC 10th International Conference: Architectural Research Addressing Societal Challenges (EAAE ARCC 2016), Lisbon, Portugal. https://doi-org.ezproxy.library.ubc.ca/10.1201/9781315226255